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Below are some of the rules/standards required of our team members...
  • Must comply with ALL vaccination requirements:
    • MMR, TDAP, HEP B, COVID, pertussis, varicella, Yearly Flu shots and TB tests
  • Must keep availability up to date and accurate at all times. Failure to keep accurate availability will reduce or fully eliminate your eligibility for deployment.
  • Must keep availability accurate and not turn down a rapid deployment if your availability states available
  • Must meet minimum health and fitness standards to be hired with Front Line EMS:
    • Cannot be a smoker or tobacco user (includes vaping and chewing tobacco)
    • Cannot be a user of recreational drugs, including marijuana, even if legal or prescribed
    • Must demonstrate any mission specific fitness standards before assignments (varies by mission)
    • Must consent to random drug tests, physicals, and mental wellness evaluations
  • Must maintain complete sobriety and abstain from alcohol during all missions
  • Must maintain uniforms and hygiene, and stay well groomed.

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